What is mygov.mt?

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What is mygov.mt?

Our Vision

The mygov.mt portal aims to improve further the quality of life of the Maltese citizens through the wider use of first-class, accessible and secure e-Government services.

We want to improve the performance of our public services provided to citizens and businesses. We want to enhance our democracy, increasing citizen participation in government decision-making. We want to streamline public services to make an efficient and effective contribution to local competitivity and economic growth.

The mygov.mt is a means to reach these objectives. Citizens and businesses alike will be able to access all of Government's Internet services in a secure and integrated way.

MyGov.mt is the one place from where all public services can be obtained. The public should not need to understand the intricacies of the various responsibilities of the many departments and agencies of the Government. The public should be able to approach one Internet window from where it is provided: a seamless end-to-end service whether that service involves one or several departments and agencies. MyGov.mt is that window.


mygov.mt Concept

mygov.mt brings together under one secure and easy-to-use Internet portal all the e-Government services. The portal offers quick, comfortable and personalised access to public electronic services. The portal will be continuously updated and enhanced. Future versions will include additional services from commercial partners as well as with dynamic or real-time information to make this your first port of call on the Internet.

The security mechanism underpinning the mygov.mt, also known as e-ID, is based on two levels of trust. The first – based on a username, password and secure personal identification number (PIN) – gives access to electronic services which require a limited level of security. The second is based on a non-qualified Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Digital Certificate, which offers a higher degree of security through a unique electronic key.

A unique e-ID is issued to an individual together with the registration of that individual's identity with Government. This is performed once with an independent, trustworthy Registration Authority (RA) that:

  1. makes sure that one's unique identity is protected and only used by its legitimate owner;

  2. issues a username, password and PIN to persons whose identity has been verified;

  3. authorises the issue of a PKI Digital Certificate when this is requested by the Citizen.

A Citizen whose identity has been verified by the RA, and to whom an identity credential (username/password/PIN or a PKI Digital Certificate) has been issued, is then allowed to apply to use an e-Government service.

Some services require acceptance of the application by the Service Provider. The Service Provider is the Government Department which offers the service. Some services are not open to everybody (e.g. they are only available to Medical practitioners, or only to persons with special needs, etc…) and eligibility to subscribe to such services needs to be confirmed by the Service Provider. In these cases, we will send you a reply within two business days. In those cases where a service is available to all, this is activated automatically and made available almost immediately.



myGov.mt also provides functionality to citizens who appoint another person of their trust to manage by proxy their e-Government services. This function is called 'delegation' and the only requirements are that both persons (both in possession of an e-ID) agree on this arrangement and that the person acting by proxy is acceptable to the Service Provider.


Various Roles, Different Services – A Unique Portal

Access to all the electronic services granted to a citizen by the Service Providers are available to the person from the same portal. All the citizen has to do is to log in using the username and password, or opt to use the PKI Digital Certificate. Subsequently the citizen will choose the appropriate role (e.g. whether one is acting on behalf of an Organisation or on his or her own behalf) and then is able to view all the services attached to his or her personal profile.


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